Thermae Bath Spa   Bath, UK

Thermae Bath Spa brings together traditional and contemporary architecture to form a revitalised complex in the city’s spa quarter that restores the ancient practice of healing and relaxation in mineral springs.


Working within a highly protected framework of five existing buildings, including the Cross Bath and the Hetling Building, the New Royal Bath is simply articulated as a free-standing glazed volume that delicately follows the line of Bath Street and is sympathetic in height and material to its aged neighbours.

Using a palette of golden Bath stone, concrete, stainless steel and high-performance glazing, the building creates a bridge between old and new.

This Millennium project provides massage suites and new pools at ground floor and rooftop levels held aloft on slender columns.

As a historic and singular site of natural thermal springs in Britain, the refreshed architectural response is a fitting reflection of the restorative waters it houses.

It's not just about recreating certain classical details: it's about form; it's about geometry; it's about texture; it's about colour. It's about lots of different things.

Mark Middleton, Partner, Grimshaw

Physical differences in floor levels are resolved through the use of split levels and transparent bridges that open up vistas through the space.

The building is extensively glazed, with the integrity of its transparent outer envelope enhanced by the use of frameless panelling.

The use of circular glass lenses and translucent panels safeguards the privacy of bathers: drawing daylight deep into the plan while obscuring views.

Bath, UK

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