Eden Project Qingdao   Qingdao, China

Eden Project Qingdao introduces a new member of the Eden Project → family that focuses on water and its vital role in life on Earth. Aimed at entertaining, educating and inspiring a diverse audience from around China and the world, Eden Project Qingdao will bring a unique cultural experience to China that blends science, art, education and entertainment. Highlights will include the largest indoor rainforest in the world as well as world-class water gardens, both indoors and outdoors.

Visitors to Eden Project Qingdao will journey through dramatic landscapes of extreme aridity and water abundance, surrounded by theatrical performances and interactive installations. These will explore different aspects of water ― from the microscopic life forms in one drop of water to the thunderclaps of a storm cloud.


Eden Project Qingdao is positioned on Jiaozhou Bay, surrounded by water and defined by rivers and sea. It is situated at the confluence of two rivers on a large area of reclaimed and environmentally damaged land originally used for salt production and then prawns breeding.

The project will adhere to strict goals for sustainability, energy management and waste management as the cultural attraction comes to life. It will showcase the regeneration of the site, bringing the land back in touch with its surrounding water.

"Eden Project Qingdao continues our approach of creating beautiful structures inspired by the efficiency of nature, made unique by the specific requirements of the location and theme."

Jolyon Brewis, Partner at Grimshaw Architect for Dezeen

Qingdao, China

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Culture and Exhibition Halls →


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