Qatar Pavilion - Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable Development   Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Faced with a challenge to swiftly create a 500 sq m pavilion for Qatar at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, this elegant, efficient response was designed and assembled in just five weeks.

Showcasing the Qatari commitment to green resources and growth, as well as its vision for sustainable growth on a global stage, the double-arched structure echoes the characteristics of falcon’s wings. This symbolic reference to Qatar’s history and tradition of falconry also acts as a highly efficient structure.

Spanning the full width of the plot and covered with a tensile membrane, the design gives a well ventilated, illuminated space formed of local materials and assembled by local contractors.

Its contemporary appearance meets strict sustainability guidelines and acts as a suitable motif for Qatar’s forward-looking position. Easily demounted, upon closure the disassembled structure was stored for future reuse in the region.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Culture and Exhibition Halls →

Qatar National Food Security Programme

500 sq m



Sherolin Santos