Eden Project Morecambe   Morecambe, United Kingdom

Eden Project Morecambe is a unique and ambitious project that seeks to reimagine the seaside resort for the twenty-first century. The project has far-reaching environmental, social and economic ambitions, but above all it will be a day out that inspires a sense of wonder and connection with the natural world.

The project comprises various architectural elements linking the town to its location with sensitive landscaping and new public spaces. The design exploits its setting and maximises the exhibition experience with above and below bay experiences as well as a natural observatory to host research and education programmes.


Eden Project Morecambe shares much with the hugely successful Eden Project in Cornwall →. It is a ticketed visitor attraction that is sustainable and transformative. At its heart are large indoor environments, comprising zones of differing character, housed within iconic buildings. It builds on Eden Project’s particular mix of entertainment and education, leaving visitors with lasting memories as well as driving positive behavioural change.

Building on over 20 years of operational expertise it combines exhibitions, performance, learning, play, immersive experiences, world class horticulture, art, food, beverage and retail spaces, all integrated as essential parts of the overall experience.

"We're incredibly proud to present our vision for Eden Project Morecambe and hope that the people of Morecambe and the surrounding area are as excited about it as we are. We aim to reimagine what a seaside destination can offer, with a world-class tourist attraction that is completely in tune with its natural surroundings."

Dave Harland, Chief Executive of Eden Project International Limited

Morecambe, United Kingdom

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Culture and Exhibition Halls →

Eden Project International Limited