Ecorium   Seocheon, South Korea

Creating a striking showcase for South Korea’s National Ecological Institute in Seocheon, the Ecorium allows visitors to experience a variety of the world’s diverse ecosystems in an unusually directly way.

The project is marked by its sweeping glazed biomes, each of which houses different climatic zones. Pathways lead guests through each zone, allowing them to see, hear, feel and touch the flora and fauna specific to each region – from the largest, lush tropical rainforest, to natural settings of the desert, Mediterranean, polar and temperate environments.

Each biome is formed by steel arches, which support lightweight glazing systems. This maximizes internal daylight levels and reduces the need for supplementary electrical lighting. Though the structural arrangement is consistent for all greenhouses, the alignment and orientation of each is carefully designed to promote the ideal climate zone represented within.

As well as highlighting the interconnectivity of nature and its critical importance in conserving world ecology, the architectural response is a model of efficient green design.

Seocheon, South Korea

Project Type
Culture and Exhibition Halls →

Korea's Ministry of Environment

33000 sq m



Park Young Chae

Associate Architect
Samoo Architects and Engineers