Earthpark   Doha, Qatar

Earthpark aspires to provide the first globally networked centre of excellence for science-based literacy and environmental stewardship. Through the creation of a global education network focused on accelerating science literacy and promoting leading inquiry and project-based teaching methods, Earthpark is designed be a 21st century best-in-class educational facility that introduces and immerses students, their teachers, and visitors of all ages to the world’s most critical, fascinating and threatened ecosystems.

Earthpark intends to integrate four traditionally separate categories of cultural programming – botanical centre, aquarium, zoo and science centre – into a single, unified visitor experience and learning laboratory that celebrates nature, excites learners and supports specific learning goals, objectives and programmes. Integrated, cutting-edge virtual reality technology will provide new opportunities for immersive learning from transporting visitors instantaneously to environmental “hot spots” across the globe to “flying into” the molecular structure of plant matter.

Utilising revolutionary architectural design systems as well as the most advanced materials, Earthpark is iconic in form and a model of efficient ‘green design’ in function.


Earthpark and its surrounding campus are customised to the site location, geographic setting and climatic conditions, serving as a source of inspiration and a springboard for ecological principles and practices to be disseminated across the globe. Transparent life support systems and back-of-house tours will transform the building itself into a teaching tool.

A place such as Earthpark is critical for generating and sharing new ideas and solutions to worldwide environmental challenges. Earthpark is a place where allies and adversaries, visionaries and pragmatists, can come together from around the world to forge – and celebrate – new pathways for sustainable living and greater harmony with their fellow man and nature.

Doha, Qatar

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Structural Engineer Thornton Tomasseti
Environmental Engineer Atelier 10

Earthpark Development LLC