City of Wonder   Doha, Qatar

The vision for City of Wonder draws inspiration from local culture and building traditions to create a sensitive and sustainable, yet exciting and iconic development. The development, containing four individual theme parks supported by hotels, retail and other visitor infrastructure, is organized in a radial pattern anchored by a central hub of activity, the “LIVE Village.”

The village is a network of small scale, bustling streets filled with retail, dining and live entertainment opportunities. It is at once the epicenter and grand entry for the development – the gateway to all City of Wonder theme parks, hotels and entertainment venues.

The radial layout also allows each of the theme parks to support one another, inviting further exploration and enticing visitors to make return trips in order to experience everything that City of Wonder has to offer.


The four theme parks, based on the themes of Create, Play, Explore and Dream all intended to have their own unique characteristics while sharing the common thread of a unique architecture created to inspire.

Doha, Qatar

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Tullerian Development LLC