British Pavilion Expo 1992   Seville, Spain

Expressing the ‘Spirit of Britain’ at Seville’s Expo ’92, this elegant, efficient pavilion for Britain created a cool and restful place to discover the Expo’s ‘Age of Discovery’ theme.


Based on a kit-of-parts approach, the temporary project was formed of a British-made prefabricated white tubular structure, with pin-jointed connections to eliminate the need for on-site welding.

Allowing for swift production and assembly, the project also responded to Seville’s typically hot climate. Its simple, rectilinear facades were clad with a range of materials to moderate diurnal change and extreme temperatures.

A kinetic water wall spanning 65 metres announced the principal east face and pavilion entrance. Animating its entire length, the sprays of falling water created changing patterns and reflections, as well as providing passive cooling to the glazing and the ambient environment.

In contrast to the sculptural water facade, the west wall was formed from a deep shield of freight containers that protected against strong afternoon sun. Both north and south facades and the roof introduced filtered, soft light to the pavilion through envelopes of PVC coated polyester fabric, stretched between steel masts and rigging.

Inside, visitors discovered a temperate, lofty space enlivened by thematic exhibitions.

"An outstanding ambassador for British design and construction."

The Minister for Trade and Industry, UK

Sustainability was at the core of the pavilion's design, accommodating for the high temperatures and large volume of sunshine beating down upon the city.



Seville, Spain

Project Type
Culture and Exhibition Halls →

Department of Trade & Industry

7,000sq m



Photography by Jo Reid & John Peck, Richard Bryant/