Bilbao Bus Station   Bilbao, Spain

Answering the need for a structure to house and systematise the previously ad-hoc facilities for bus services in Bilbao, this 2,000 sq m public space gives the city a central, organised terminus that is light-filled and includes easily serviced components.

Designed by a team of industrial designers and architects, the scheme develops components of the street furniture for bus stations previously designed for Madrid’s Corporación Europea de Mobilario Urbano (CEMUSA). Each of the elements is organised around a primary extruded aluminium beam, which offers structural support and holds all services along its length.

The beam incorporates a continuous T-slot that creates fixing points for the columns and glazing fixings, and suspends prototypical aluminium extrusions that contain light fittings. Aluminium arms extend from the beam and carry the laminated fritted glass roof panels, flooding the station with natural light.

This series of components can be easily removed and replaced in the event of accidental damage; the scheme also ingeniously allows for the possibility of the station to be demounted and used elsewhere, as originally requested by the local authorities. However, its successful operation on the original site continues to service more than 1 million passengers annually.

Bilbao, Spain

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Industrial Design →


2,000 sq m