Zurich Airport   Zurich, Switzerland

Achieving a major upgrade for Zurich Airport, the C500 Landside Centre and A500 Airside Centre create an expanded, coherent programme for the airport’s growing demands. Servicing more than 35 million passengers annually, and more than 130 airlines, the significant addition accommodates the increasing use of this major European transport hub with a unified approach.

Situated above the mainline rail station, the Landside Centre connects the airport with the city’s key public transport systems.

Its streamlined organisation and integration at landside promote ease for passenger travel and includes the addition of 30 new check-in desks.

The Airside Centre creates the airport’s principal hub, connecting the two existing terminals and associated docks. Its elegant, streamlined structure supports a striking steel roof with spectacular glazed façades. Giving dramatic views out, the passenger hall contains retail, dining and lounge facilities along its 250 m length.

For 30 years I have been responsible for the masterplanning of Zürich Airport. The Airside Centre is an excellent conclusion and I congratulate the architects for their cooperative approach.

Max Basler, Former Director of Architecture and Planning, Unique (Flughafen Zürich AG)

A glazed curtain wall fronts the west façade of The Airside Centre, making optimal use of the natural light and capitalising on the views of the surrounding countryside. As well as enhancing the passenger experience, this visual contact with the outside world provides a means of orientation that is often lacking in airports.

Zurich, Switzerland

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Unique, Flughafen Zurich AG

New build 37,000 sq m; conversion 33,000 sq m



Edmund Sumner/View, Ralph Bensberg