Articles London Bridge Station wins three prizes at NLA Awards

On 4th July, London Bridge Station → picked up three prizes in the NLA Awards; Overall Winner, the Sustainability Prize and the Transport & Infrastructure category.

Some of the Grimshaw team who worked on the project were on hand to collect the awards, including Partner Mark Middleton, Associate Principal Stuart Grahn and Associate Jason White.

Mayor Sadiq Khan was quoted as saying "Grimshaw did so well with the station they should probably run the trains as well!".

Peter Murray, Chairman of the NLA, said: “This new station permits huge improvements in the efficiency of travel, enhances the quality of millions of daily lives and creates spaces that uplift the travellers’ spirits.

"Those delivering the new station had to operate within the constraints of an operating station, an historic building and a complex local environment. The end result nicely marries the old with the new - it is a quintessentially London building.”