Articles Grimshaw wins two Structural Steel Design Awards

Grimshaw has won two 2020 Structural Steel Design Awards, with Bath Schools of Art and Design → and The Curragh Racecourse → both named winners in today's virtual announcement. The National Infrastructure Laboratory at the Boldrewood Innovation Campus was also shortlisted for the awards.

For Bath Spa University's Schools of Art and Design, the judges commented that the major re-purposing of Grimshaw/Farrell's Herman Miller Factory validated the key concepts of adaptability and sustainability central to the original 1970s design. They also highlighted the careful installation of structural additions and the sensitivity of upgrades for improved performance, and stated "The result is a building of exceptional quality ideally suited to its new use."

In assessing the redevelopment The Curragh Racecourse, the judges called its dramatic centerpiece a "bold architectural statement" behind which lies "a highly accomplished level of detailed design, precise fabrication and accurate construction". They also referred to the project's delivery as "A great team effort".

To see the award winners in full, please read the Structural Steel Design Awards 2020 Commemorative Brochure →, or visit the SSDA website →.