Articles Grimshaw Statement

We believe in the fundamental fabric of our democratic society: equal rights, justice and opportunity. These are rights for all citizens regardless of race, gender or creed. These are not mere slogans, they must be the fundamental principles, ones that we now all need to reaffirm.

As people who strive to create a better world through our work, the killing of George Floyd and the tragic deaths that came before are – yet again – a reminder that we can and must do more.

As architects we believe in the ability for transformative change, we must all now take active steps that remove the ugly specters of racism and discrimination, to build a better society; one in which everyone is treated equally with compassion, justice and liberty.

We feel and see the immense grief, anger and pain that are the result of long-standing racism. We stand with those of you saying enough is enough, but we know that actions speak louder than words and we recognize that we can do more. We are committed to listening, learning, supporting, and advocating. Black Lives Matter.