Articles Grimshaw shortlisted for Barkitecture competition

Reimagining doghouses as expressions of love and creativity, two kennel designs by Grimshaw have been shortlisted in the Barkitecture → 2024, an international competition and exhibition organised as part of Goodwoof in the UK.

Curated by Kevin McCloud MBE and The Duke of Richmond, this year the competition — Lounge Access: For the Jet-setting Dog — challenged architects to design a kennel that creates a sense of calm and tranquillity for dogs on their travels.

The Grimshaw designs submitted for the competition were selected from an in internal competition between the eight Grimshaw studios — Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Dubai, Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland. The two winners were 'Issey Miyappy Tessellations' and 'Soft Biome' from New York and Los Angeles respectively.

'Soft Biome' pays homage to the iconic Grimshaw-designed Biomes of Eden Project in Cornwall and is an adaptable design which can be used as a shelter or bedding. And the soft shape, which can be constructed at different sizes, becomes stackable for easy storage when travelling or for owners of multiple pets.

‘Issey Miyappy Tessellations’ draws inspiration from the fashion designer Issey Miyake's Pleats Please line. With pre-defined seams guiding the shaping process, this bed offers multiple configurations for a cosy retreat. For jet-setting pups, it conveniently rolls up and attaches to luggage for effortless travel.

As part of Goodwoof in May at Goodwood, the kennels will be auctioned by Bonhams, raising vital funds for this year’s event charity, Jai Dog Rescue who transform the lives of stray dogs in Thailand.