Articles Grimshaw Paris selected for Grand Paris Express urban and real estate projects

Following Société du Grand Paris's call for expressions of interest (AMI) for the urban and real estate projects of the Grand Paris Express, which ran from June to October 2022, Grimshaw's Paris studio was selected, along with 518 other architects and landscape architects, for its expertise in mixed and multi-sectoral uses, as well as its knowledge of transport-related environments.

This listing enables Grimshaw Paris to compete in future restricted tender processes for Société du Grand Paris projects.

“It’s fantastic to be selected by the Société du Grand Paris and have the opportunity to be part of future developments that will reenergise key sites in Paris and transform urban environments of the city. Our design approach and expertise has always been about connecting the role of transport and infrastructure as a catalyst for sustainable development – enabling commercial, residential, or mixed use destinations that bring communities closer together.” says Alice Barrois, Principal.

Illustration ©Martin Étienne for Société du Grand Paris