Articles The Grimshaw Foundation launches at the Royal Academy of Arts in London

The Grimshaw Foundation → ― a charitable organisation bringing together a community of artists, architects, and designers to support, empower and inspire young people ― officially launched on 6 July 2022 at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

Established by Nick Grimshaw, in partnership with the partners of international architecture practice Grimshaw, the Foundation promotes a diverse, globally-linked educational community, connecting with schools and communities to engage and encourage young people to discover the value of creativity and the inspiration of art.

"What the Grimshaw Foundation will do is enable young people, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, to experience the art of making and the making of art and introduce more opportunities and different career paths ― opening up the world of the creative industries."

Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, Founder

Driven by the need to create inclusive creative futures ― addressing gender, social and economic equity ― the Foundation aims to reach a diverse range of young people, particularly those less likely to have access to creative learning tools or with connections within the design community and industries. It works with young people who are at the stage of navigating their career options and the different pathways to further education, bringing together schools and organisations with the interdisciplinary creative industries of architecture, art and design.

With its roots in London in the UK, the Foundation has initially engaged with the Grimshaw practice and engaged with schools and students running workshops, studio tours and talks led by architects, artists and designers.

These schools have so far included Bobby Moore Academy, Stratford School Academy, Harris Academy Chobham, and Regent High School in London, with the support and engagement of architects and artists including Grimshaw, Sarah Wigglesworth Architects (SWA), Scale Rule, LionHeart, Sir Antony Gormley and the Bartlett School of Architecture.

The Foundation will continue to work within the wider architecture, art and design community to build further programmes of engagement and impact.

"Meeting people working in the industry and who work in different ways and environments creates a new platform of learning for our students. These opportunities are key to their understanding of what they could achieve in their futures and opens them up to thinking about new careers."

Charlie Welch, Head of Art & Design Technology Faculty, Regent High School, London

The launch of the Foundation is intended to enable the programme of outreach to flourish and the community of architects, artists and designers to expand. With ambitions to link its work across key global cities, the Foundation has also started engaging with artists and education communities in Sydney as well as in Melbourne and New York.

"Let’s take architecture off its pedestal and into the community. Architecture is not just about buildings ― it’s about people, communities, and sustainability."

Jon Snow, Broadcaster and Journalist, Grimshaw Foundation Trustee

"The Foundation reflects the values of Grimshaw where everyone’s input and opinion is valued, listened to and rewarded and people’s creativity is encouraged and celebrated."

Kirsten Lees, Grimshaw Managing Partner (London and Paris), Grimshaw Foundation Trustee