Articles Grimshaw attends BILTAnz 2019

Last week, representatives from Grimshaw's Australian Design Technology team , including Christopher Rossetto, Wojciech Klepacki, Sun Lee, Jonathan Ochse, Alan Tier, and Rebecca Walsh, attended the BILTAnz → conference, this year hosted in Melbourne. BILT is an annual event focused on the technology side of architecture.

Grimshaw added two speakers to the line-up, with Jonathan Ochse presenting his case study on applying asset management principals to the Melbourne studio, and Alan Tier discussing Enscape as an affordable alternative to CGI.

Grimshaw’s Digital Maker Space was one of the most popular booths, with delegates stopping by to try out Arkio’s multi-user VR creative space. Melbourne’s CBD was used as the context within the VR realm, and delegates were able to work together to design experimental building forms.

The conference had a heavy focus on smart buildings and the concept of ‘digital twins’, while model analytics and visualities were also well represented.

A favourite talk of the team’s was ‘Beyond Superhuman – Technology for Humanity’ by the Opening Keynote Speaker, Dr Jordan Nguyen. He talked about how we are connecting the dots between various cutting-edge fields such as AI, VR, 3D human scanning and neuroscience to achieve many new possibilities. Dr Nguyen talked about the latest advancements in technology advancements that are blurring the lines between the virtual and the real world, showing an example of how they created a wheelchair controlled by the brain.