The French connection


Grimshaw has been active in France for over six years and started operating as a studio in Paris in 2022. At the root of its success, says Declan McCafferty, Partner at Grimshaw, is the opportunity to exchange expertise, expand design-thinking, and engender connections.

by Declan McCafferty

The Journey to Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health


As Grimshaw’s New York studio settles into our new permanent home at 60 Madison, we have a rare chance to examine our workplace personas and shift them to align with our goals of a collaborative and innovative work environment. The beginning of that shift in personas starts with a reflection on who we are in the workplace and how it impacts our work and that of our colleagues.

by Jenni Moore

Transport and connectivity provide the key to equitable and resilient cities


Investment in human-centric public transport is a priority today if we are to create the truly civic cities of tomorrow, writes Neill McClements.

by Neill McClements

Design, wellbeing, and the Elizabeth line: a joyful connection


The Elizabeth line links communities that were never before connected and reduces travel time for thousands of Londoners. But beyond this, Wynne Leung, Architect at Grimshaw, reveals how the new line is also a benchmark for understanding the connections between wellbeing and our transport infrastructure.

by Wynne Leung, Josie Green

The Elizabeth Line: beyond the tracks


Jorrin ten Have goes beyond design and engineering feats and looks at the Elizabeth line through a global, social and economic lens.

by Jorrin Ten Have

Past the platform: enabling the value of stations beyond the concourse


Upgrading and expanding infrastructure in our cities is more than getting from A to B. Grimshaw’s Declan McCafferty shares an approach that ensures people, our neighbourhoods, and the city are at the heart of transport planning and design, realising greater social and economic value.

by Declan McCafferty