London needs to keep the focus as it makes progress towards becoming a sustainable, resilient, future-proof city


With over 13 years' experience as a commissioner on the London Sustainable Development Commission (LSDC), Dr. Paul Toyne identifies key approaches that will keep London on track to be a fairer, greener resilient city.

by Paul Toyne

Transport and connectivity provide the key to equitable and resilient cities


Investment in human-centric public transport is a priority today if we are to create the truly civic cities of tomorrow, writes Neill McClements.

by Neill McClements

Opening an office overseas could be a smart move in the current climate


If you’re looking to expand internationally, you need the right motivation and the right people, writes Mark Middleton

by Mark Middleton

How Grimshaw is planning to ride out recession and grow its way to diversity


Mark Middleton, global managing partner, talks about the practice’s vision, different ways of working and his new three-year business strategy.

by Mark Middleton

Design, wellbeing, and the Elizabeth line: a joyful connection


The Elizabeth line links communities that were never before connected and reduces travel time for thousands of Londoners. But beyond this, Wynne Leung, Architect at Grimshaw, reveals how the new line is also a benchmark for understanding the connections between wellbeing and our transport infrastructure.

by Wynne Leung, Josie Green

The Elizabeth Line: beyond the tracks


Jorrin ten Have goes beyond design and engineering feats and looks at the Elizabeth line through a global, social and economic lens.

by Jorrin Ten Have

Olympic Cities: Changing the perception of Olympic architecture


Grimshaw’s Managing Partner Kirsten Lees explores the role of architects in the Paris 2024 Olympics in her feature for New London Architecture, expanding on discussion with a brilliant panel at the recent Olympic Cities event.

by Kirsten Lees

Cooling with Sunlight


Using the heat of the sun to create an oasis of cool in the hottest city in Spain, the British Pavilion for Expo ’92 reinterpreted aspects of the local building vernacular with a new material palette and a bit of world’s fair showmanship.

by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw