The Evolution of the Energy Trees: Informing our Industrial Design Workflows


Grimshaw’s Dubai Energy Trees were launched to an enthusiastic response during Expo2020 and have since become a permanent installation at the heart of a new district on the outskirts of Dubai. Despite the excitement, little has been presented on their design evolution that resulted from a consolidation of data-driven factors, especially in achieving the solar energy demands to meet the growing aspirations for the Sustainability Pavilion precinct.

by Casimir Zdanius

The Film Production Studio of the Future


Film production studios serve as the foundation upon which the physical production of cinematic narrative is built. It is a where the real meets the imagined, and where the nuances of urban landscapes and technological innovations create a vivid boundary between the gritty reality of city streets and the iconically forbidden world that lies “behind the curtain.”

by Deborah Richmond

Sustainable Skies

by Paul Toyne

Third Spaces on the College Campus: Uncovering the importance of accessible spaces through stakeholder engagement


When designing community-driven environments, it is important to establish a sense of belonging that demonstrates people’s diverse experiences with the space. Stakeholder engagement is an essential step in creating places that are tailored to the human experience. Through this collaborative process with end users, we can establish a unique program and design vision that ensures the final product is in line with actual needs.

by Lola Sheppard