Designing for Community: Socializing the Academic Research Environment


A problem as complex as climate change requires multifaceted solutions, and the transdisciplinary mission of the Rob and Melani Walton Center for Planetary Health at Arizona State University brings together several departments to create a holistic approach to climate research.

by William Horgan, Eric Johnson

Museums as Infrastructure


Museums are often seen as the pinnacle expression of the urban experience, making them a fundamental element of our cities. Given this role as community anchor, it is vital that our museums serve as an armature that supports the activities and aspirations of urban life.

by Lukas Thorn

Third Spaces on the College Campus: Uncovering the importance of accessible spaces through stakeholder engagement


When designing community-driven environments, it is important to establish a sense of belonging that demonstrates people’s diverse experiences with the space. Stakeholder engagement is an essential step in creating places that are tailored to the human experience. Through this collaborative process with end users, we can establish a unique program and design vision that ensures the final product is in line with actual needs.

by Lola Sheppard

The Grimshaw Podcast Series 1: The City Series


The Grimshaw Podcast is a platform for the exchange of ideas and thought leadership. Grimshaw’s Sydney Managing Partner, Andrew Cortese, tells how the inaugural podcast, The City Series will showcase the work being undertaken by the Grimshaw Cities Initiative. As new podcasts appear, they will be updated here in the links contained in the article.

by Andrew Cortese

The pace of progress: where the post-pandemic campus discourse should explore


With the promise of lockdowns easing in the UK and abroad, rising appetites for remote working and the changing face of offices, Alex Grigull discusses how university campuses will need to adjust to an evolving academic environment.

by Alexander Grigull