The Evolution of the Energy Trees: Informing our Industrial Design Workflows


Grimshaw’s Dubai Energy Trees were launched to an enthusiastic response during Expo2020 and have since become a permanent installation at the heart of a new district on the outskirts of Dubai. Despite the excitement, little has been presented on their design evolution that resulted from a consolidation of data-driven factors, especially in achieving the solar energy demands to meet the growing aspirations for the Sustainability Pavilion precinct.

by Casimir Zdanius

The Film Production Studio of the Future


Film production studios serve as the foundation upon which the physical production of cinematic narrative is built. It is a where the real meets the imagined, and where the nuances of urban landscapes and technological innovations create a vivid boundary between the gritty reality of city streets and the iconically forbidden world that lies “behind the curtain.”

by Deborah Richmond

Sustainable Skies

by Paul Toyne

The French connection


Grimshaw has been active in France for over six years and started operating as a studio in Paris in 2022. At the root of its success, says Declan McCafferty, Partner at Grimshaw, is the opportunity to exchange expertise, expand design-thinking, and engender connections.

by Declan McCafferty

Designing for Community: Socializing the Academic Research Environment


A problem as complex as climate change requires multifaceted solutions, and the transdisciplinary mission of the Rob and Melani Walton Center for Planetary Health at Arizona State University brings together several departments to create a holistic approach to climate research.

by William Horgan, Eric Johnson

The Journey to Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health


As Grimshaw’s New York studio settles into our new permanent home at 60 Madison, we have a rare chance to examine our workplace personas and shift them to align with our goals of a collaborative and innovative work environment. The beginning of that shift in personas starts with a reflection on who we are in the workplace and how it impacts our work and that of our colleagues.

by Jenni Moore

Museums as Infrastructure


Museums are often seen as the pinnacle expression of the urban experience, making them a fundamental element of our cities. Given this role as community anchor, it is vital that our museums serve as an armature that supports the activities and aspirations of urban life.

by Lukas Thorn

Design, wellbeing, and the Elizabeth line: a joyful connection


The Elizabeth line links communities that were never before connected and reduces travel time for thousands of Londoners. But beyond this, Wynne Leung, Architect at Grimshaw, reveals how the new line is also a benchmark for understanding the connections between wellbeing and our transport infrastructure.

by Wynne Leung, Josie Green

Beyond COP26: making the most of the legacy


Keeping alive the hope of restricting global emissions to 1.5°C was a key target of COP26. However, ambitions and commitments that came out of the conference mean there are now more opportunities for action to deliver net zero and more ― which, writes Grimshaw’s Sustainability Practice Leader Dr Paul Toyne, is ours to take.

by Paul Toyne

The Elizabeth Line: beyond the tracks


Jorrin ten Have goes beyond design and engineering feats and looks at the Elizabeth line through a global, social and economic lens.

by Jorrin Ten Have

Olympic Cities: Changing the perception of Olympic architecture


Grimshaw’s Managing Partner Kirsten Lees explores the role of architects in the Paris 2024 Olympics in her feature for New London Architecture, expanding on discussion with a brilliant panel at the recent Olympic Cities event.

by Kirsten Lees

The Grimshaw Podcast Series 1: The City Series


The Grimshaw Podcast is a platform for the exchange of ideas and thought leadership. Grimshaw’s Sydney Managing Partner, Andrew Cortese, tells how the inaugural podcast, The City Series will showcase the work being undertaken by the Grimshaw Cities Initiative. As new podcasts appear, they will be updated here in the links contained in the article.

by Andrew Cortese

Past the platform: enabling the value of stations beyond the concourse


Upgrading and expanding infrastructure in our cities is more than getting from A to B. Grimshaw’s Declan McCafferty shares an approach that ensures people, our neighbourhoods, and the city are at the heart of transport planning and design, realising greater social and economic value.

by Declan McCafferty

Energetic Architecture


At the 1979 RIBA Energy Conference, Nicholas Grimshaw talked about the benefits of mixed industrial and residential developments. Here, he takes his argument further and offers some worked examples.

by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw

Sculpted by the Wind


The unique waveform roof at Southern Cross Station is an eye-catching design solution that creates natural ventilation for trains below and a visual and physical link between two precincts of Melbourne.

by Neil Stonell

Expo 2020 Dubai’s Sustainability Pavilion


One of the centerpiece buildings of Expo 2020 Dubai, the Sustainability Pavilion brings a unique design with demonstrable strategies for harvesting sunlight and water in pursuit of net zero goals.

by Andrew Whalley

Folded Plate Structures


At a restored blast furnace complex turned museum, historic preservation and dynamic new architectural interventions are carefully balanced while exploring the limits of steel construction.

by Christian Hoenigschmid-DeVeaux

The North Face


How do we address the existing stock of high-rise buildings that are no longer efficient of desirable in an increasingly sustainability-minded world?

by Keith Brewis

Circulation Strategies


Located in the heart of central London, this commercial office building creates efficiency through a dual lift system that frees up floor space while delivering users to their destinations quicker.

by Ewan Jones

Core Values


Utilizing mathematical sequences and geometries found in nature, a new building for Eden Project uses architecture, pattern and light to underpin the messages taught within.

by Jerry Tate, Andrew Thomas, Jolyon Brewis